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Dragon of the week Edit

Queen Scarlet was the queen of the SkyWings and the main antagonist of The Dragonet Prophecy. She is orange with blazing golden eyes, and she often wore gold chain mail armor with rubies and amber drops embedded on her torso, eyebrows, and wings. She was described as smaller then Kestrel, implying that she might... Read more!

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Darkness of Dragons is NOW OUT!!!!!!!

Darkness of Dragons JUST came out if you haven't read it yet that's ok.The main charicter is Qibli

Animus object of the MonthEdit

The Darkstalker's Scroll is the most powerful animus object. If you write something down on it like have this spear protect me at all times it will happen. It can work for any dragon.

Facts of the MonthEdit

  • Assassin is a side book, featuring Deathbringer.
  • Under moonlight when a NightWing hatches it gets powers.
  • NightWings have tested venom on the RainWings and have tortured them in caves.
  • Starflight could have gotten powers on the brightest night but since his egg was isolated in the cave, he didn't get any powers.
  • The Dragonet Prophecy was fake.
  • Turtle is an animus
  • By becoming the same type of dragon as the dragon your mating the dragonet will be the dragon type of the parents and not a hydrid.

Tribe of the MonthEdit

SandWings are sand-colored, fire-breathing dragons that inhabit the deserts of Pyrrhia, primarily in the Kingdom of Sand. Originally, they were ruled by Queen Oasis, however, she was murdered by three scavengers who sought after her treasure. Following her death, the tribe has split between... Read more!