This story is like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. This is Echo's fanfiction.

Prologue Edit

Characters in this chapter:

Fiera- Player pokemon

Echo- Partner pokemon

Dew- Quagsire

Scavenger: Where am I?

(Looks at reflection)

Scavenger: What am I? A dragon?


???: Save the of...

???: Ahhhh!

(Sees a RainWing being chased by a NightWing)

(Realizes there is no solid ground and that she's falling)

Scavenger/Dragon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Chapter 1 - A New Life Edit


(Vision is blurry)

???: Hello? Are you awake?

(Vision comes to focus)

???: So glad you are awake. You just fell out of the sky I'd thought you were dead. My name is Echo what is yours.

(Tells your name is Fiera)

Echo: Hmm. Fiera, sounds like a good name for a SkyWing.

(Explains that you're a human)

Echo: One, what is a human? Two you are A SkyWing.

(Through mountain)

Echo: We made it. It is not too late!

(Walks to location)

Dew: Echo, you are here. I was about to take my leave.

Dew: Are you sure you want to buy this land it has mystery dungeon energy.

Echo: Like the mountain we went through.

(Explains mystery dungeons)

Echo: Anyway I'll take the land.

(Hands over gold)

Dew: Now I'll take my leave.

Echo: It's getting late we should sleep for the night.

(Fiera and Echo fall asleep)

(Fiera shivers)

Chapter 2 - The Carpenter Edit