Snail is a female SeaWing, and was one of the guards on duty when Clay had been chained to the floor in the Summer Palace of the Sea. Snail trusted and believed that the Dragonets of Destiny would stop the war and bring peace to Pyrrhia, which is why she gave Tsunami the keys to unlock Clay's chains. She also likely realized that it was the right thing to do when Tsunami said, "So do you remember anything in the prophecy about a group of octopus heads drowned the MudWing before he could save the world? Did I miss that part?"

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There are no current stories with Snail in them.

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The Lost Heir Edit

Along with Herring, Flounder, and Kelp, Snail was one of the SeaWings that guarded the keys to Clay's chains at the Summer palace. She was skeptical to hand the keys over to Tsunami, fearing punishment from either Queen Coral, or Shark. Eventually, Tsunami was able to convince them that letting one of the Dragonets of Destiny die was a worse crime. Snail handed over the keys, guilty, but made Tsunami have their families taken care of if they were punished. Afterward, Tsunami told her mother to put Shark in the dungeon instead of the guards. It is unkown however, if these dragons were punished later on. Though it is possible Snail went to the Jade Mountain Academy, and was therefor not punished.

Moon Rising Edit

There was a student named Snail at the Jade Mountain Academy, in the Copper Winglet, although she did not make much of an appearance. It is possible that she will make another appearance further on in the series. It is unknown if they are the same dragon or not. Tsunami could've invited her to the Jade Mountain Academy after the war.

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