SkyWings are one of the seven tribes, along with MudWings, SandWings, SeaWings, RainWings, NightWings, and IceWings. They live in the Sky Kingdom, currently ruled by Queen Ruby. They were allied with Burn and the MudWings in the Great War.


The SkyWings are shades of red or orange and if born with extra fire has golden streaks through its wings. SkyWings have enormous wings, larger than any of the other tribes. Their bodies are very sleek and aerodynamic, with slim snouts and long, thin tails.


SkyWings are one of the four tribes that can breathe fire, and are the swiftest of the seven tribes. They are powerful fighters, and can stand the cold of their mountainous home known as the Sky Kingdom.


They are fighting over Queen Scarlet, who is still alive but in hiding, or Queen Ruby, Scarlet's daughter. Queen Scarlet was a very harsh queen, who had her own arena where her prisoners were forced to fight to the death. SkyWings' dragonets are named after birds, especially birds of prey, such as Kestrel or Osprey. They are occasionally named after things relating to the mountains, such as Avalanche, or things relating to fire, such as Flame. However, royal SkyWings are named after precious gemstones, like Ruby or Carnelian, or shades of red, like Vermilion or Scarlet.


  • The SkyWing egg of the prophecy was smashed by Burn before it got to the secret cave, so the egg was replaced by a RainWing egg.