Shadowfrost the nightwing icewing hybrid


Species: NightWing IceWing hybrid

Gender: Female

Abilities: IceWing abilities, NightWing abilities, animus but it isn't very powerful

Family: Father: Hvitur; Mother: Secretkeeper ; Brother: Coldfront; Aunt: Queen Glacier; Uncle: Winter; little sister: Snowball (7 years old) 

Description: IceWing's body with Black and Purple scales like a NightWing. She is very mysterious, and doesn't like being caught in big crowds. She uses her animus powers to look menacing and she doesn't have a good memory.

Pets: Barthram (meaning Glorious raven in old English) the raven, and Basilisk the Black cobra snake.


"Heheheheh........ what? Can't someone remember a joke while they were talking about a dragon dying?"

"I WILL KILL.... oh... hehe, hi Snowball."

"WHAT IS THA- Oh, Basilisk." Shadowfrost is created by Queen Glacier the Icewings ₢