SeaWings are one of the seven dragon tribes that live in the Kingdom of the Sea, the 'tail' of Pyrrhia. Their queen is Queen Coral, and they have been allied with Blister in the Great War.


They are various shades of blue or green, and have large, powerful tails. Bioluminescent stripes cover them, and can light up to communicate underwater. SeaWings of royal blood have spiral patterns on their stripes when they light up. They have gills on the sides of their necks, as well as webbed feet. 


The SeaWings can breathe underwater, thanks to gills on the sides of their necks. Their powerful tails can create tidal waves, and they can see quite well in the dark. They are the best swimmers of all the tribes, and their light-up stripes can be used to communicate in Aquatic. However, the SeaWings are one of two tribes that cannot breathe fire or ice, beside the RainWings.


The SeaWings have two palaces, the Summer Palace and the Deep Palace. The Summer Palace is inside one of the islands in the Bay of a Thousand Scales. A dense jungle grows on the top of the island, keeping the palace inside hidden from view. The only way in is a tunnel underwater. The Summer Palace was unknown to the other tribes until it was bombarded by SkyWings in The Lost Heir, so it is now in ruins. The Deep Palace, however, is totally submerged under the sea in a abyss, so only the SeaWings can enter it. The SeaWings are living there currently, since the Summer Palace is destroyed.


SeaWings have life long relationships with their mates, but it is mentioned by Whirlpool that SeaWings can marry again. They are noted to be the only tribe who is fond of water. The SeaWings name their dragonets after things in the sea, such as Anemone or Urchin, natural disasters containing water, such as Tsunami or Riptide, or physical features on a SeaWing, such as Gill or Webs. They are ruled by Queen Coral, and they are very fond of her, for she is a kind queen.


  • Tsunami is the SeaWing in the Dragonet Prophecy.
  • Squid is the SeaWing in the false Dragonets of Destiny.