SandWings are one of the seven dragon tribes in Pyrrhia. They dwell in the Kingdom of Sand, currently ruled by Queen Thorn.


The SandWings have pale gold or tannish scales to blend in with the desert surroundings. They have bluntish snouts and forked black tongues. They have a poisonous barb at the end of their tails, similar to a scorpion.


SandWings are one of the two tribes to possess venom, beside the RainWings. Their venomous tail barb is fatal if stabbed into the heart or another important organ. But, if the barb is only stabbed into a limb, for example, the dragon will survive for a little while. In some cases, a hybrid can be born without the tail barb. The venom can be cured if cactus milk is poured on the wound. SandWings can also breathe fire, whether it is hot or cold. They can also camouflage into the desert sands.

The War of SandWing SuccessionEdit

Before the war, the SandWings were ruled by Queen Oasis. But the queen was unexpectedly killed by scavengers, so her three daughters, Burn, Blister, and Blaze, were fighting bitterly for the throne. Blister got the SeaWings to be on her side, and Burn allied with the MudWings and SkyWings. Blaze allied with the IceWings and the majority of the SandWings. But the NightWings only joined the war on Blister's side when the war was almost over. The only ones not included in the war were the RainWings.


Some SandWings are very fond of Queen Thorn, but some are wary about her. SandWings tend to name their dragonets after things in the desert, like Dune or Viper. But the royal SandWings are named after things relating to fire, such as Burn or Smolder.


  • Sunny was the SandWing in the Dragonet Prophecy, but since she was half NightWing, she lacked a barb and had moss green eyes instead of black.
  • Viper was the SandWing of the false dragonets of destiny, but she perished in a lava river.