Colored RainWingDrawn by Joy Ang

RainWings are one of the seven dragon tribes in Pyrrhia. They are one of the two tribes that has not participated in the Great War, other being the NightWings. They live in the rainforest and are currently ruled by Queen Glory.


Like chameleons, RainWings' scales are constantly shifting color. Their prehensile tails are used to wrap around tree branches, like a monkey. They have slender snouts and a ruff behind their ears.


RainWings can camouflage their scales into their surroundings, and it makes them almost invisible. They also have two fangs that spit deadly venom. The venom is unknown to most of the other tribes, therefore making it an ideal weapon. RainWings can not breathe fire, but are used the heat of their home.


The RainWings' scales turn into a color representing an emotion.

Red/Black = Angry

Blue/Gray = Sad or defeated

Orange = Irritated or Amused

Yellow = Excited or Anxious

Pale or Acid Green = Scared or Worried

Pink = Happy 

Purple = Ashamed or Guilty

Indigo = Proud 

Purplish Yellow = Confused

Crimson = Embarrassed or In Love

White = Fear


The RainWings live in the Rainforest Kingdom in the RainWing Village. They previously had multiple queens, Queen Magnificent, Queen Dazzling, Queen Exquisite, Queen Splendor, Queen Grandeur, and Queen Fruit Bat, but they are now ruled by Queen Glory. The RainWings are almost always optimistic, and every day, spend an hour or two basking in the sun, which they call 'suntime'. Sleeping in the sun recharges their scales, keeping them bright and vivid. When a new dragon wanders into the rainforest, (usually by accident) they shoot them with tranquilizer darts. Most of the RainWings are vegetarian, saying that hunting is a waste of time. They name their dragonets after things in the rainforest, such as Tamarin or Liana, or they name them adjectives, such as Bright or Magnificent.

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