This is a fanon character by the user Queen Terra. You must ask permission to use it in stories or polls. This doesn't apply to people who are completely new. Completely new means two days it doesn't apply. ~ Queen Terra

Queen Terra is the daughter of Queen Moorhen and a fair Tsunami personality queen. She is at the age of twenty one and very fond of her mate, Heron. She is the only known MudWing that makes scrolls. She is immune to fire and her subjects adore her unless she's in a fight with another dragon tribe. She attacks blindly and ends up accidently hitting others but none have been known to die.

Scales: Bright brown and Dark brown

Family: Mantle (brother), Fossil (Father) Caimen (Mate) Heron (son) Toad (daughter) Silt (aunt) Crust (uncle) Murky (daughter) Moorhen (mother)


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