Queen Glory is a female RainWing, and an unofficial Dragonet of Destiny, the last minute replacement for the SkyWing egg that Burn smashed in the prologue for The Dragonet Prophecy . She is also queen of the RainWings, and the NgihtWings, after the events of The Hidden Kingdom and The Dark Secret.


The Vessel of Life (side character)

Secret Scrolls (mentioned)

Biography Edit

The Dragonet Prophecy Edit

Glory was stolen as a last-minute replacement by the dragonets' SeaWing guardian, Webs . The fact that Glory was even with the dragonets was because of Burn , one of the SandWing sisters, that mercilessly smashed the SkyWing egg and killed the IceWing guardian named Hvitur . She was then raised with the other dragonets, Clay , Tsunami, Starflight , and Sunny . Glory was constantly bullied by the guardians, Kestrel and Dune (Webs was an exception, though he never protected her). Glory trained and studied harder than anyone else, to try to prove herself to them that she wasn't lazy.

Morrowseer came to visit the dragonets. He wasn't happy with Glory, and ordered the guardians to kill her. Tsunami was chained up to stop her from interfering with Glory's death, along with being punished for 'not being grateful for what she had.' so the dragonets formed a plan to escape. Glory was hesitant to risk Clay's life to save her, but he was determined to do so anyway.

At the SkyWing palace, Glory was chained to a marble tree, and kept as Queen Scarlet's "art" during the arena fights and afterwards as well. When Fjord was about to kill Clay , Tsunami attempted to jump off the ledges to save Clay , and distracted everyone while Glory shot venom at Fjord's face, causing his death. When Clay was fighting Peril in the tradition of the Champion's Shield, Glory shot venom at Queen Scarlet , causing the rest of the dragons to be distracted while Peril helped the Dragonets of Destiny escape. When Peril requested to free Kestrel , Clay agreed, but Glory rejected, reminding the others of how Kestrel wanted to kill her. When the dragonets were traveling to the Mud Kingdom, Glory and Tsunami played a trick on Clay, because Glory thought that he wanted her to leave, and have Peril be the SkyWing in the prophecy.

When Clay traveled to the Mud Kingdom, Glory, disguised as a MudWing, went along with him to try and find his parents. They found out Clay's mother didn't care about him and had sold him to the Talons of Peace in exchange for a cow, so they began to leave.

     Glory became the queen of the RainWings in The Hidden Kingdom  after challenging all of the former RainWing queens.