​Osprey was a male elder among the SkyWings, nearly blind, with scales of a washed-out red. He had his tail paralized by a scavenger who tried to steal his treasure. The disability made it impossible for him to fly. He acted as the defendant of Queen Scarlet's trials before he was killed by her for revealing too much information about the Champion's Shield to Peril.​


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Biography Edit


In his youth, Osprey guarded countless amounts of treasure. One day, a scavenger came to steal the treasure, and managed to paralize his tail before Osprey ate him. He lost his ability to fly because he needed his tail to balance during flight. He gave all his treasure to Queen Scarlet in exchange for residence in the SkyWing Palace. Osprey served as the defense for SkyWing trials, but usually made very poor arguments to avoid being beheaded by the queen. He was also one of Queen Scarlet's guards when they went after Kestrel, for he says, "You told your guards- I know, for I was one of them-"

He later became a friend and mentor to Peril, after her mother, Kestrel, was forced to abandon her. Osprey told her many stories of his youth. He was assumed to be the one to have told Peril about the Champion's Shield, since Peril said it wasn't his falt that she knew.

​The Dragonet ProphecyEdit

​Osprey served as the defense during Kestrel's trial. He explained the circumstances of how Queen Scarlet ordered Kestrel to kill one of her twin dragonets before changing her mind, forcing Kestrel to leave her surviving child behind. Queen Scarlet decided to kill Osprey along with Kestrel, but Peril interviened and called upon the tradition of the  Champion's Shield for her mother. After Scarlet discovered Osprey had told Peril about the SkyWing traditions, she grabbed him by the talons and dropped him out of the sky, high above the arena, breaking many of his bones and ripping apart his wings. Because of his paralized tail, he was completely unable to fly, and his tail just weighed him down even more. He soon died of his wounds.


-- He is suspected to be "kidney breath", a character shown in the Escaping Peril prologue.

-- An osprey is a diurnal fish-eating bird.

-- He was Peril's only friend.

-- He liked repeating stories over and over.