NightWings Edit

NightWings have been known for their mysterious powers, which they don't actually have. They used to live on a volcanic island north of the Sky Kingdom. They were the tribe who created the Dragonet Prophecy to try and take over the rainforest.


NightWings have been known for their powers, reading minds and fortelling the future. A NightWing dragonet only gets his or her powers if he or she is hatched under full moons. If a dragonet hatches under one full moon, it will gain mind reading powers or future fortelling powers. If it was hatched under two full moons, it will get mind reading and future fortelling powers. It is unknown what will happen if a dragonet hatches under three full moons. But, when the NightWings moved to a volcanic island, the ash from the volcano was blocking out the moons' light. The NightWing dragonets could not hatch under moonlight, so the NightWing's powers were lost for hundreds of years. They can also blend into shadows with their midnight black scales. NightWings can also breathe fire. They have been known to be able to make unbelivable inventions, especially when they kidnapped RainWings to study their venom. They have been known to survive in lava for minutes more than other tribes.


NightWings are black, or black and deep purple. Sometimes have gray scales on their underbelly and snout. They have purple scales on their underbelly as well, and silver scales in their wing membrane, so they can camouflage into the night sky. They have forked black tongues and straight horns. 


NightWings had a queen called Battlewinner who had been blasted by an IceWing's frostbreath down her throat. She stays submerged in a cauldron of lava to balance out the cold. She had a daughter named Princess Greatness who decided not to succeed as queen after her death, and therefore Queen Glory took over both the NightWing and RainWing tribes after the volcano exploded.