MudWings are strong, bulky, and loyal. They are the ones who roam the Mud Kingdom on the back of Pyrrhia. The queen of the MudWings is Queen Moorhen. They were allied with Burn and the SkyWings in the Great War. Most have a gigantic appetite like Clay does.


MudWings have any shade of brown scales, sometimes with amber or tan underscales. Their noses are on top of their snouts so they can still breathe while swimming. Their snouts are squareish, similar to the NightWings. MudWings are usually large and strong, having a muscular physique. 

Abilities Edit

MudWings are very strong and they have the ability to breathe fire if warm enough. If a MudWing is hatched from a blood red egg, its scales will be fireproof, but it will still burn and it will heal quickly. They can also hold their breathe for up to an hour underwater.


MudWings have a completely different way of caring for their eggs. They lay them, and then put them under a mound of embers, so no other dragons can get to it. The eggs are usually laid in clutches, and when the first dragonet, called a bigwings, hatches it will try to help the next dragonet out of its egg. The clutch if dragonets will stay together for life, and have a strong bond to each other.