This is Queen Terra's story. YOU MAY NOT EDIT IT. HAPPY FLYING!! Also (it only has three chapters)

Chapter 1 Edit

After the Summer Palace tragedy...

Riptide panted hard. The battle was very long. He was staying hidden from Coral. The dragonets, Tsunami, had left. Would he ever see her again?

"There he is! Get him!" Coral shouted, ordering soldiers to attack Riptide. "Stab him and bring him to me!" Many soldiers started to attack Riptide. With a surge, he ascended into the air and flew. The guards flew after him too. Riptide rushed out of the door. But a soldier managed to knock him onto the beach. Riptide flinched. Coral came out as well. Coral started pinning him down. With her narwhel horn, she lowered it down to Riptide. Riptide started thrashing, trying to wriggle free. Coral took off her Narwhel horn and started to raise her arm, about to stab him. Riptide pushed Coral off and rolled over to the sea. He was faster than her at swimming.

Chapter 2 Edit

"Wait!" A SeaWing yelled. "He's too big of a problem. Why go kill him now? It'll waste time. Tsunami, your daughter, will be heartbroken."

"No. We must." Coral denied. She jumped at him and pinned him down with her narwhel horn. Blood started poring from his neck. Coral lifted her horn, about to kill him, when the same soldier knocked Riptide out of the way. Coral had accidentally stabbed him instead. Riptide's eyes widended in horror as the soldier was writhing in pain.