IceWings are one of the seven dragon tribes, and they reside in the Ice Kingdom, which is the 'head' of Pyrrhia. Their queen is Queen Glacier, and they fought along Blaze in the Great War. 


The IceWings are ice blue, moon silver, or cloudy white. They have especially sharp talons, which are great for gripping the ice, or can be used a weapon. IceWings have pointy, icicle-like spikes at the back of their neck, and have beady eyes. Their tails narrow to a whip-thin end, having smaller icicle-like spikes at the end. It has also been noted that they have blood the color of a red tinged with blue.


IceWings are adapted to the cold, and are immune to bright light. They are the only tribe thay can exhale a deadly frost breath, but it can be contained when putting something hot around the IceWing's neck. Their serrated talons are an ideal weapon, and being clawed by an IceWing is equal to being clawed by normal talons seven times. 


The IceWings are home in the Ice Kingdom, and like to live in icy caves. They are a little bit pessimistic, but that is just because the Ice Kingdom doesn't have much to offer. IceWings name their dragonets after formations in the cold, such as Glacier or Icicle, or old words that relate to the cold, like Hvitur (which means 'white') or Fjord (which means a narrow inlet of water). Their ruler is Queen Glacier, who is a fair queen, but threatened to kill the Dragonets of Destiny if they did not choose Blaze as the next SandWing queen.