God Dragons were created by Echo you may use a made up God Dragon for fanfiction.

Appearance Edit

God Dragons are a glimmering white.

Abilities Edit

Their abilities is to blast a beam of light,create new lands, and can boost abilities of dragons. No other information is known.

History Edit

They live in heaven. They are not considered "Wings" because they are all powerful and mighty.

Also legend says that they brought life to Pyherria and created the Nine Gems. Each gem belonging to each tribe. The Nine Gems are featured in Devistation.

The Nine Gems Edit

IceWings-Ice Diamand - Eternal Life

SandWings-Drought Amber - Mega Power

SkyWings-Aerial Shard - Hyper Speed

MudWings-Swamp Crystal - Invisibility

SeaWings-Azure Saphire - Never get hurt

RainWings-Rainbow Piece - Glowing

NightWings-Shadow Onyx - Mysterious Pulling Force

God Dragons-Heaven Pearl - Can visit Heaven

Hell Dragons-Chaos Ruby - Can visit Shadow Dimension

The alternate form of the gems is known as the Eternal Gems.

Known God Dragons Edit

  • Godzelle
  • Mira
  • Glisten