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Deathbringer is a male NightWing assassin. He appears all books from The Hidden Kingdom through to Talons of Power, although is only mentioned in Moon Rising and does not appear at all in Escaping Peril. He also appears in the ebooks Deserter and Asassin, in which he is the protagonist.


Deathbringer hatched in 4999 AS. The council approved his mother Quickstrike to train him as the NightWing's next assassin. At some point his unnamed father died, and it is unknown if Deathbringer ever knew him as he never referred to him by name.


Assassin takes place when Deathbringer is four years old. Deathbringer succeeds in earning a place on his mother Quickstrike's team, with the goal of carrying out targeted assassinations, starting with Commander Tempest. Deathbringer succeeds in his mission but for complicated reasons Quickstrike dies. Deathbringer remains on the continent.


Deathbringer only appears in one of the final scenes and succceeds in persuading General Six-Claws in leaving Burn's army, hence succeeding in his second mission.

The Hidden KingdomEdit

Deathbringer first appears when Glory is looking for Mangrove.


  • The ship Glorybringer is canon