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Shimmer the RainWing
• 3/23/2015

Jade Mountain Academy RP

No swearing

No cyber bulling

Be a made up or cannon dragon thats alive

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Shimmer the RainWing
• 3/23/2015

Name: Echo

Type: IceWing

Age: 12 years

It's nice to help teach dragonets at the academy.

• 3/8/2016

Name: Stardust

Tribe: NightWing/SandWing

Age: 7 years

Abilities: Faint prophecy powers, can survive without food or water for a while.

Description: Talons, outer ridge of wings, tip of snout, and end of tail are pale yellow, the rest of her body is blackish purple. She has one silver teardrop inbetween her eyes, and silver speckles along her legs/arms. Frill down her back like a SandWing

Personality: Shy, smart, thinks no one likes her, likes to read, usually not noticed, just another face in the crowd

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